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What we're about to describe is the same kind of phenomenon we experienced with 5-inch phones in Fast-forward towhen 5-inch screens are the norm and 6. Such is the case with the Sony Xperia Z Ultrawhich borrows many traits from the smaller Xperia Z while taking on a flatter shape.

Basically, Sony turned the old Samsung galaxy c6802 into a plate phone. So is the phone comfortable to hold? Does it make more sense as a tablet? And does the Ultra have any redeeming traits outside of its size? The Z Ultra is a powerful phone with a great display, but your purchase decision will ultimately depend on the price and how well the phone fits in your samsung galaxy c6802. Compared to the new Motorola Droid UltraSony's Ultra definitely feels more worthy of that moniker.

After all, it remains true to the overall design and style of the Xperia Z, but there's still no mistaking the two devices when they're set side by side -- or in your pocket, samsung galaxy c6802.

Yes, when it comes to diagonal display size, the Z Ultra is the largest smartphone we've ever had the opportunity to review unless you consider the Samsung Galaxy Note samsung galaxy c6802. The Z Ultra barely edges out the 6. By the ruler, Sony's entry into the large-smartphone space comes in at The Z Ultra is also one of samsung galaxy c6802 heftiest handsets we've played with in recent years, weighing in at 7.

Compared to the Mega, we're looking at a difference of 0. Fun fact: the Z Ultra is also taller than the Kindle Paperwhitesamsung galaxy c6802, and it weighs almost samsung galaxy c6802 the same.

It's also as wide as a standard passport; chief designer Jun Katsunuma confirmed to us that this was done on purpose to mimic the size of something that travelers carry around all the time in their coat pockets. Samsung galaxy c6802 enough of the staggering numbers already -- how does the Z Ultra actually work in real life? Just as you'd expect: awkwardly. Its size puts it in this strange netherworld between a comfortable smartphone and a small tablet, and we have a feeling that even the largest of hands may find it a bit unwieldy.

While the display takes advantage of a aspect ratio, the bezels are quite tall on the top and bottom. This, combined with squared-off corners and flattened edges, samsung galaxy c6802, makes for a rather unnatural fit.

The Ultra's thin frame almost too thin, frankly helps your fingers curl around and grasp its sides, but it still feels like a stretch; one-handed use in samsung galaxy c6802 gave our mitts a great deal more exercise than we're used to.

We had no problem using the phone with two hands, samsung galaxy c6802, although we found ourselves facing the temptation to use it in landscape mode much more frequently than portrait -- in other words, the Z Ultra still feels more like a small tablet like the Nexus 7 than a smartphone. And, much like Google's 7-inch slate, it can technically fit in your pants pocket, but it may be too tall or wide to fit comfortably. We were constantly concerned it would slide out anytime we sat forward or changed our posture, but fortunately that never happened.

We enjoy thin phones as much as the next reviewer, but as we mentioned earlier, the Ultra may actually be a little too thin for its own good, which seems odd to say considering a thin profile is pretty much a necessity when handling a phone this size. The problem lies with the smooth, bulging edges, which make the device difficult to pick up off a table or some other flat surface.

Say what you will about its ergonomics, but thanks to tempered glass panels on both the front and back, the Z Ultra is one sleek device. On the downside, though, those shatterproof, scratch-resistant surfaces also make this a fingerprint magnet, and its smooth rear is hard to get samsung galaxy c6802 grip on.

We're happy that the designers at least kept the metallic edges raised a hair above the glass, which may be a lifesaver depending on how prone you are to dropping phones. In much the same way that Samsung has maintained a consistent design for its Galaxy S4-era devices the Mega and S4 Mini are prime examplesSony is using the same design language it introduced with the original Xperia Z.

In fact, at a glance you would think the two were close relatives, except for the fact that the Ultra clearly got a different gene for size. Both have a simple Sony logo just above the display with a front-facing camera to the left. Both feature the same build materials and squared corners. Heck, both even have holes for lanyards. Look closer, however, and you'll find each one offers its own distinct personality.

We'll begin with the edges, which sport small slots where the mic and speaker grille sit. There's just one slot for each, and they sit at the top-left and the bottom-right, respectively. Both are questionable locations, since your fingers are likely to cover both slots when you use the device in landscape mode.

On the front, there's a 2-megapixel front-facing camera and an LED notification light above the 6. An earpiece resides up top with a mic on the bottom, each housed in a tiny, narrow slot. Let's not forget the back, although for the most part, it's forgettable: the obligatory Sony and Xperia logos are here, as well as an NFC logo and simple flash-less 8MP camera, samsung galaxy c6802. The 3,mAh battery pack, meanwhile, is sealed underneath, samsung galaxy c6802. You'll also notice that all but one of the important slots are covered with sealable tabs; the only one that isn't is the headphone jack.

Whereas the Xperia Z was IPcertified to withstand dust and up to 30 minutes of submersion in three feet of water, the Z Ultra is IPcertified, which means it's technically considered "waterproof" and can survive in five feet of water for 30 minutes. This is still a rare quality in a large smartphone sold outside of Japan, and one we'd like to see more of in our neck of the woods, samsung galaxy c6802.

It even adds to the device's sleek design, as the edges of the phone aren't interrupted by very many ports. Just be careful here, because we often had difficulty snapping the tabs back into place properly. This particular model is devoid of LTE radios, so samsung galaxy c6802 you're looking for the higher speeds, you'll want to seek out the C for North America and C the European model samsung galaxy c6802 month, both of which feature Cat 4 with a theoretical max of Mbps downlink speeds.

Finally, you can choose from three different colors: black, white and purple. Of course, we'd be remiss to talk about the size of the phone without actually discussing the display, samsung galaxy c6802. Before samsung galaxy c6802 started playing with the unit, we were concerned that Sony would approach the Z Ultra in the same way it did the Xperia Z.

Despite having a much higher pixel density, that 5-inch TFT screen -- with its poor lighting, subpar viewing angles and unimpressive outdoor performance -- proved to be one of the weakest p panels we've reviewed thus far. Fortunately, the 6. Since this is our first encounter with a Triluminos smartphone, let's offer a brief explanation as to what the tech offers, samsung galaxy c6802. These displays recently reappeared in Sony TVs after a lengthy absence -- the technology was dropped in due to its high costs -- so it was a pleasant surprise to see it show up on smaller devices so quickly.

Each dot measures between 2nm and 10nm. Rather than using a white backlight which passes through RGB filters to create the intended color, the display uses a blue LED that stimulates quantum dots which emit pure green and pure red. In short, this new technique is supposed to create exceptionally pure colors.

The Ultra's non-PenTile display comes has 1, x 1, resolution, samsung galaxy c6802, which means you'll get a pixel density of ppi. This doesn't sound very good when you compare it to the ppi density found on the Xperia Z, but we're confident you won't be bothered in the slightest.

The Ultra's LCD panel is much brighter and offers more natural colors than the Z in spite of the fact that it doesn't let you change white balance like samsung galaxy c6802 Z does. It also samsung galaxy c6802 excellent viewing angles and is one of the easiest to read in direct sunlight -- as long as you have it cranked up to full brightness, anyway. Needless to say, samsung galaxy c6802, we were wholly impressed by the Z Ultra's screen; if Sony plans to use the same tech for smaller smartphones going forward, we imagine it'll give other p-bearing handsets a run for their money.

Stylus fans, take note see what we did there? However, the capacitive touchscreen is coated with a "super hard coat ASF" that's responsive and strong enough to support pen and pencil input. This, too, was included on purpose since business travelers often carry such relics with them, samsung galaxy c6802.

After hunting down a ballpoint and a trusty ol' No. What's more, the slim bezels make it difficult to actually write on the phone, samsung galaxy c6802, since we naturally want to rest the sides of our hands on the screen much like we do when taking a pen to actual paper. As a result, we often found ourselves accidentally pressing other keys -- including the home key, sadly -- which interrupted our workflow.

In ideal conditions, the handwriting-recognition software was able to accurately interpret my chicken scratch, but even then it was successful only half the time. We still prefer the good old-fashioned virtual keyboard for text input, but we imagine people can get better with time and practice. In the meantime, it makes for a decent way to draw pictures and do whatever else that strikes your creative fancy.

Out of the box, samsung galaxy c6802, the Z Ultra features Android 4. The build is thick with customizations and pre-loaded software, which is true of most recent Xperia devices, frankly. You'll be greeted by no fewer than 20 apps, most of which are Sony-branded, samsung galaxy c6802. For what it's worth, you can uninstall nearly half of them, while most of the rest can be disabled.

You'll also find a couple stock features missing, like the quick-notifications panel and Photo Sphere, but Daydream and lock screen widgets are there. Most of the Z Ultra's software features are carry-overs from the Xperia Z, so you're not going to see many differences here.

Sony has, however, improved a few existing features, such as small apps. These multi-tasking widgets are pretty much the same thing as Samsung's and LG's screen-on-screen windows -- a must-have for larger smartphones these days. There are also a few clever touches thrown into the deeper realms of the device. For instance, if you stick your SIM into the phone and don't know the APN settings for your specific carrier, no worries -- just tell the phone to download them from the internet and apply them automatically, samsung galaxy c6802.

Sony has also forgone a separate quick-notifications panel, opting instead to trim it down samsung galaxy c6802 add it to the top of the standard notification panel with the option to customize it however you'd like. You'll found plenty of other apps gratuitously thrown in, most of which don't really come in handy, samsung galaxy c6802. Sony Select is a pointless faux app store that gives you a list of samsung galaxy c6802 apps and, if you choose to download samsung galaxy c6802 of them, takes you into that app's standard Play Store page.

Socialife is Sony's version of Flipboard, in which you can follow specific feeds or general categories. Smart Connect is an automation app much like Tasker or Motorola's Smart Actions, all of which let you assign a trigger event and a corresponding action whenever that occurs. TrackID is a Shazam clone; NeoReader works as a QR code reader; Sony Reader appears to be samsung galaxy c6802 more than a shortcut into the company's e-book store; and MagV is a Newsstand-like app that lets you browse, download and subscribe to various magazines.

Fortunately, almost all of these apps can be disabled and about half can be uninstalled if it suits your fancy. It's no secret that we're not especially fond of tablet cameras. Even if we felt comfortable taking pictures with them, most manufacturers simply samsung galaxy c6802 put in best efforts if it's not on a smartphone.

Sony didn't want to make this a marquee imaging device, but it at least wanted to make sure it had something halfway decent. There isn't much to say about the user interface because it's the same UI Sony has already used in several Xperia devices. While it's familiar to Sony fans, there is certainly a learning curve involved. Hitting the button in the upper-left corner brings up a row of different modes, many of which have features that are duplicated elsewhere.

For instance, you can capture video in several different modes, as they all feature both shutter and record buttons on the right sidebar. Same goes with stills modes.


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Discover a galaxy of possibilities with the line of mobile phones from Samsung. From entertainment to detailed photos, there is one Galaxy phone made for you. Samsung Galaxy S6 Android smartphone. Announced Mar Features ″ Super AMOLED display, Exynos Octa chipset, 16 MP primary camera, 5 MP Reviews: K. Mar 25,  · The phablet from Sony -- Xperia Z Ultra C / C / C -- can now be updated with Android KitKat CM11 custom ROM. Thanks to the CyanogenMod.