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Please note: You can only register for a SingPass account once. All SingPass account requests are final and cannot be canceled or re-submitted. The application will be voided if inaccurate written information or wrong/unclear supporting documents is submitted. You will need to resubmit a new application, and pay the required administration fee. An administrative fee will be charged for every Employ ment/S Pass application submitted. You will . Apr 01,  · To submit an application: Get a written consent to apply for S Pass from the candidate. Log in to EP Online to fill out the application and upload the required documents. Pay the $75 fee for each application. You can pay by GIRO, VISA, MasterCard or eNets Debit. Check your application status after 3 weeks. It may take longer if additional.

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Most companies are relunctant to hire spass application fee on S-Pass due to the quota requirements and the levy to be paid to the MOM. Read further to understanding more about whether your employee is eligble for an S-Pass in Singapore.

The S Pass is a working visa specially designed for mid-level skilled foreigners who seek employment in engineering, electronics, spass application fee, oil, chemical, and other industries Singapore specialises and desperately needs skilled hands in. This visa allows Singaporean companies to hire overseas technicians at a salary of no less than 2, SGD provided that the foreigner possesses a valuable working experience and knowledge in the niche as well as that the hiring company meets requirements for a quota and levy.

Foreigners from all countries are required to meet spass application fee demands of the Ministry of Manpower which are:. Requirements to for company:. Commonly, if the application is prepared professionally and the supportive documents provide a solid proof of the declared merits, the government gives a green light to such overseas worker.

If the pass gets rejected, it means that either the hiring spass application fee or the foreigner failed to meet the requirements:, spass application fee. The employer is given 3 months for preparing and submitting the appeal. It will be successful only if it addresses the problem stated by the MOM. Onl y the employer or the authorized visa agency are allowed to submit the application, spass application fee.

All documents must be in impeccable order and unless they are in English, translated professionally. Both the employer and the spass application fee must ensure that they meet the basic demands of the Ministry of Manpower and that all facts declared in the application are substantiated by sufficient documentation.

The S Pass processing takes up to 7 working days provided that the submitted documents are acceptable, spass application fee.

This time can be longer if the MOM requires additional documents. S Pass belongs to renewable visas; it means that if the expiry date approaches and the overseas workers are still employed, they can get their passes extended for another 3 years provided that they meet criteria such as:.

If the hiring company has an account on EP Online, it can renew the S Pass 6 months before the visa expires but no later than the expiry date. If the S Pass was applied for manually by postthe company will receive a letter with the renewal form 3 months before the expiry date, spass application fee. Please take into account that spass application fee government must receive your request no later than 2 weeks before the expiry spass application fee. If the company misses this deadline, this S Pass will be cancelled, and a new S Pass must be processed from the very beginning.

Electronic renewal application takes up to 7 days to process whereas the one submitted by mail will take up to 5 weeks. Our seasoned visa consultants are able to handle the whole Spass application fee Pass application process from the beginning starting assessment and till the approval outcome. Due to the diligence, professionalism and well-tuned communication with the government, applications handled by the visa professionals have far higher approval rates than those handled by the inexperienced employers, spass application fee.

With the experience in S Pass cases we have, we are able to efficiently check your eligibility spass application fee to the latest MOM demands.

Not only will you learn your chances for fortunate S Pass application, but also you will get guided in the next steps that lead you to your visa approval.

Applicants who get their fitness assessed in the very beginning avoid pitiful mistakes and boost their chances for approval at the first push. You can always book our competent assessment for free.

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, spass application fee, spass application fee, and website in this browser for the next time I comment, spass application fee. You might be eligible for a Professional Visa in Singapore! Register now and get a free online assessment. Our consultant will review your case carefully and advice on the best visa option for you. Sign up Today! S Pass Singapore. Benefits and Features of S Pass The pass can be applied for only by the local eligible employer or an authorized visa agency.

They can arrive only after the approval. The visa is valid during the period of up to 2 years after which it can be extended on the assumption of meeting the criteria. Foreigners holding S Pass in Singapore cannot start their own businesses.

S Pass holders can get married spass application fee the country, but having children dependents is regulated by the salary criteria for sponsoring dependents. Other Visa Type:. Incorp Service:. Get Free Assessment Now! Get Free Assessment, spass application fee.

Related articles:. The older or more experienced the technician is, the higher salary he must command. The government seeks for diplomas and degrees from respectable institutions, as well as for certificates of courses for technicians that include no less than a year-long full-time study, spass application fee.

Relevant experience, spass application fee. Successful candidates are expected to showcase years of experience in the niche. The older the candidate is, the richer his working history must be. The company must be a well-established and have its account at the CPF board. Reason for S Pass Rejection Commonly, spass application fee, if the application is prepared professionally and the supportive documents provide a solid proof of the declared merits, the government gives a green light to such overseas worker.

The result of the visa application is usually 3 — 5 weeks. Sometimes it takes longer if there are issues with the documents. The government expects you to have a relevant diploma or a degree from a well-established university and certificates for other courses relevant to the job specialization. Only certificates for at least 1 year of full-time education are eligible, spass application fee. The candidate must possess valuable skills in the niche of the specialization.

The company or the visa agency that represents it is given 3 months for making the appeal. If the deadline is missed, the S Pass must be applied for from the beginning. It is usually described by the authorities in the letter or on the EP Online account.

The visa agency will investigate into the reason, make the necessary changes in documents or build up the profile to ensure the problem that blocked your approval is removed. Spass application fee quota depends on the sector of the economy, spass application fee.

Usually, a foreigner is given an opportunity to spend up to 2 years in Singapore under the S Pass. S Pass can be extended; the term of the extension is usually 3 years, spass application fee. Please contact our consultants to find out when is your due time.

The authorities usually need 7 days to process the spass application fee and submitted documents. If there are some issues with documentation, the processing can take a little bit longer. The applicant can track the process of consideration using an EP Online account if the application was submitted online or get updates from the appointed visa agent. Nevertheless, driving in Singapore is an expensive option unless your company provides you with a car.

It is much cheaper to go places by taxi or public transport. But if driving a car is crucial for you, you must know that you can use your foreign driving licence no longer than 12 months. After this period of time, you can drive only if you convert it into the Singaporean driving licence. Please take into account that unless you have an international driving permit, your licence must be translated into English.

Only a hiring company or a visa agency are authorised to submit the application. This can be done either online using an account on EP Online or manually using post. Another way spass application fee manage the submission is to involve a skilled visa agent that will not only take care of the documents and help to compile a winning application, spass application fee, but also do the submission for you and track your application until approval.

If you have worked in Singapore only during 60 days a year or less or if your country has an agreement to avoid double taxation with Singapore, you pay no taxes. A successful candidate is expected to possess a diploma or a degree from a well-established institution and certificates about full-time studies relevant to the job scope, spass application fee. The government seeks for highly experienced foreigners to plug the gap among local technicians. No, landed properties such as private houses, bungalows, semi-detached houses, as well as HDB flats are restricted for foreigners to buy.

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Sep 01,  · Requirements for S Pass medical insurance, updating insurance details. Paying salaries. Includes requirements and acceptable methods for paying S Pass salaries. Documents required. Documents required to apply for an S Pass. Apply for a pass. Includes how to apply for a pass and check your application status. Appeal against a rejected application. Mar 17,  · Apply for Singapore Employment Pass in Singapore. Singapore Employment Pass Application Services is one of the many services under 3E’s One-Stop Solution to help complete our client’s quest in setting up a business and relocating to Singapore. The validity of the renewed pass is 3 years maximum, but if the foreigner’s passport expires earlier, the validity period will be set as the passport’s validity period minus 1 month. Electronic renewal application takes up to 7 days to process whereas the one submitted by mail will take up to 5 weeks.