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Welcome to Zombieville USA! This app has been rebuilt for compatibility with modern Android versions, and is now completely free. No ads, no IAP, no nonsense. Be sure to also check out it's stunning sequel, Zombieville USA 2, also available at last on Android!10/10(2). Jun 20,  · Welcome to Zombieville USA! This app has been rebuilt for compatibility with modern Android versions, and is now completely free. No ads, no IAP, no nonsense. Be sure to also check out it's stunning sequel, Zombieville USA 2, also available at last on Android! When your town is overrun by the walking dead, there's only one thing left to do - go through their pockets and look for loose change! Zombieville USA 2 android game Review. Zombieville 2 just gives you more zombies, more weapons, more individuals to play as, and more to open as you scrounge through levels gathering money from boxes and other natural things.

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The definitive zombie shooter returns, reborn with stunning new graphics, gameplay and more! Take command of your favorite character, customize them with a spectrum of weapons and skills, and do battle with the living dead - either alone, or with your friends!

Fight hordes of enemies, make the most of your ammo, and go for your high score! Follow us on Twitter MikaMobile to keep up to date on all of our games! Toggle navigation android Android APK. Compatibility: Android. Zombieville USA 2 app screenshots. Love this game.

You guys made a great series and I think you can do it again even better! I love this game so zombieville usa 2 android. There is one flaw though. I just want like a 4 vs dead or new guns and perks, zombieville usa 2 android.

I love this game. Please update. This game is really good and has a great multiplayer option. Although theres a glitch with the multiplayer servers. Sometimes it lags and when players are far range from the host. They disconnect and do not get the money earned.

This should be fixed in the next update. Thank you very much! I love this game, one of my favorites, but you need to either make bigger updates or another game of zombieville, keep this series going!

Aye yo, like Just hope on a Public Game. It be boring playin alone Mane. If you wanna Hmu my IG is the Theilluminatigotpablo, zombieville usa 2 android. Issa spam btw. Text me and if more people hmu we can make a group chat and ye. A great way to kill time. However, it crashes a lot. It will kick me out in the middle of a level. I beat the game in a day and have already unlocked everything.

They really need to make more upgrades or new maps Seriously I paid for a game only for it to not be fully optimized to my phone that has a notch. It is truly an unacknowledged masterpiece.

Get this game! You can upgrade the guns, you can choose the loadout, upgrade your perks as well. My favorite part of the game is when you max out a gun the skin changes. I LOVE that! Maybe make different skins to chose from. It gives you something to look forward to when saving up.

But I wish their was more assault rifles, zombieville usa 2 android. Their could be more sub machine guns their could be more light machine guns instead of the one mini gun. Their could be another pistol instead of the magnum and the first gun. Their could be add-ons to each gun such as bigger mags, scopes, grips ext. For instance the prisoner could have increased melee damage or maybe make a perk that lets you have a 4th gun in your load out.

Or make a perk that increases fire rate or a perk that makes your cars life last longer. Maybe make it so you can save up and buy the car of your choice, zombieville usa 2 android, and then upgrade the speed and duration of the vehicle.

Just add the car on to the load out screen and that will be zombieville usa 2 android way to customize your loadout. I just bought the application and it seems a scam is not compatible with iPhone xr and there is no support I demand refund of the money or make a game update based on legal rules and consumer rights.

A fun time waster for all times. Great job. This used to be my favorite game years ago and zombieville usa 2 android only game I would constantly play, zombieville usa 2 android. And add some new content to keep it fresh! I just love this game too much to see it get outdated. But this game does get redundant. It would be great to have some new guns or a new level, or even a new zombie would be great.

I might be dreaming, but if the such as hazmat boo or granny had their own abilities, now that would be something. One of the best games I have ever downloaded. I much preferred the Bluetooth Co-ops though. If you can in the next update, can you make it compatible both the iPhone XR screen? Mika mobile please make a Zombieville 3 zombieville 2 is my favorite I would love for you to make a 3rd.

I would love to see more content because I have a lot of coins and beat every level. This game was my childhood! I played all the time with my brother and kept playing until Zombieville usa 2 android was The game is great, however the co-op has a lot of issues disconnecting.

Would like this error to be fixed thanks. This game is really fun zombieville usa 2 android I love playing it with my friends but after you got all the guns done all the missions and got all the skins there is nothing to do so I think there should be more guns and maybe you could upgrade different things about the guns and you should also add more way to get around maybe if you are playing with a friend you can wight for them and they can get in the car with you and shot out of the window you could also add a forwheller or something like that.

There should also be special Abilities the deferent people have like the ninja can run fast the grandma can ride cars for a longer amount of time it would make having different skins a lot funner. Dear Mika Mobile, Inc. This game is absolutely fantastic! Soon I got an IPad mini, and got this app immediately! I played it until I unlocked, upgraded, and tried out everything.

I soon got bored, and deleted it, I then downloaded it once again and did it all over again, so Mika Mobile, Inc. This app is sooooooo much fun, zombieville usa 2 android better yet Sincerely, FunnyManGamer3. This game needs to be updated. Ive zombieville usa 2 android the game, but it just eventually becomes boring, new weapons, zombieville usa 2 android, levels, and zombies could re-spark this game and make it much better.

The last update was 2 years ago, and it says alot. Your games are amazing, and make me happy when I play them, I have played them since I was 6. Now the reason from r me writing this review is to discuss an issue about my favorite game you have made, Zombieville USA 2. It is amazing with multiple levels, awesome sound effects, cool characters, and awesome guns, which you can level up. Now I play zombieville usa 2 android almost every weekend, but there is one problem.

I have completed every mission, gotten every character, and gotten and leveled up everything. I feel this awesome game needs more to it, like new levels, a few new characters, and new guns! Also, it would be awesome if you could add new zombies too.

I know this seems like a lot, but a game this good, needs more for all the loyal fans of this game out there. Thank you, Anonymous fan, zombieville usa 2 android. Awesome game especially cause you can team up with others to help them get stuff and zombieville usa 2 android versa.

Good times. Related Apps, zombieville usa 2 android.


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Dec 11,  · Zombieville USA 2 is the sequel to the cool zombie arcade game for Android. The first part of the game was very simple and at the same time, a fun arcade zombie apocalypse that happened in some American outback. Oct 27,  · Download Zombieville USA 2 App for Android APK, Zombieville USA 2 app reviews, download Zombieville USA 2 app screenshots and watch Zombieville USA 2 app videos - The definitive zombie shooter returns, r/5(K). Apr 09,  · The best action video game for android phones. Download Zombieville USA 2 Apk Mod latest version full for Android devices.